A cooking experience

English in the Kitchen provides step-by-step practical cooking workshops using real-life English. For us, the kitchen is a classroom but without books!! It’s the perfect context in which to learn and practice English in a fun and dynamic way. Totally interactive, the participants speak, listen, read and cook….. all in English. It’s like a mini trip to an English-speaking country

Our workshops, either face-to-face in Barcelona or on-line, provide a unique space for you to develop your cooking and language skills.

The key aspects of our workshops are:

  • Linguistic immersion
  • Team building and social skills
  • Experiential learning
  • Problem solving and critical thinking
  • Comunication-based learning
  • Practical language use

How does it work?

When you walk in the door, you are entering an Australian kitchen:

1st We start reading aloud and looking at the vocabulary

2nd Then it’s cooking time. We go through the recipe step by step

3rd While we are cooking, we speak and listen in English, asking questions and being guided and corrected by chef Anna

4th When our masterpieces are ready, it’s eating and conversation time!

Cooking and English- All ages, all levels

No cooking experience? No English? No problem.
Our workshops cater to all ages; mini-chefs, teens and adults, and all English levels.

The littlest ones of the family love our hands-on, dynamic workshops. Not only do they learn cooking, they also develop essential life skills like team-building and critical thinking, all in English!

Do your teenagers love cooking? Or would you like them to help cook more at home? English in the Kitchen is a fun way for them to do just that, and practise their English too! They will become big fans of our dynamic and creative workshops

The best of both worlds – English and cooking! Have you spent years doing the same repetitive English classes but are still shy speaking in English? You will practise and improve your language skills in a real-life context while learning delicious new recipes from the English-speaking world.

Safety first

At English in the Kitchen safety and hygiene are our top priorities. We follow all current Covid-19 recommendations, and children are constantly monitored in each step of the process and their role is food manipulation. They never have access to the ovens/hotplates, and all utensils are child-friendly. We are also fully insured for all our workshops, in all venues.


English in the Kitchen was born from a love of food, cooking and chatting! These workshops provide non-native English speakers of all levels the perfect opportunity to practice real-life speaking and listening and also the chance to learn recipes from another culture. In Australia we are very lucky to have such a diversity in world culture and food and this is reflected in our dishes.


  • “My favourite class of the week” Toni, 14 years old
  • “At last an English class that the kids are keen to go to!” Sonia, mother
  • “As a mother, when my kids go to English in the Kitchen, I am happy to see them enjoying themselves cooking while they are learning English” Mercè, mother
  • “My Friends and I love English in the Kitchen. We have lots of fun cooking and practising our English” Anna, 15 years old
  • “I am happy to have found cooking workshops in English, totally focussed on teenagers.” Marc, father
  • “A perfect way of learning to cook and speak English at the same time in a relaxed and fun environment. Win-win” Pepe, father
  • “Since my kids started going to English in the Kitchen, English isn’t boring anymore” Oriol, father
  • “The perfect combination!! The kids learn simple dishes and they learn English in a way that´s natural” Mireia, mother
  • “Thank you Anna. The girls were very happy, learnt a lot of English and the muffins were delicious!!” Alicia, mother