Growing up in Australia, I spent much of my childhood and teens in the kitchen with my mum and nan. Both amazing cooks, my nan was a well-known baker in my home city. At an early age I also studied cooking and, although I put it down for a while, the love never disappeared. Then, after years of teaching English, first in Australia and then in Barcelona, I decided to mix my two loves….. Language and cooking. And English in the Kitchen was born.

Since 2015, I have been imparting cooking workshops in Barcelona, including collaborations with L’Escola Oficial d’Idiomes and El Mercat del Ninot, among others. In addition to English in the Kitchen, I am a Cambridge University qualified English language teacher with more than 11 years of experience teaching English in Barcelona. I am also an accredited speaking examiner for all official Cambridge English exams; children’s and adult’s. While my mother tongue is English, I speak Spanish and understand Catalan.

Chef Anna